Hello! I’m Teri.
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A little about me.

I used to be 209 pounds and a coach potato, but after being embarrassed of not being able to get up from a push-up, climb the stairs in my own home without getting winded, and having multiple chiropractic visits a day, I turned into a fit freak. Since deciding to make a change, I have competed in multiple sprint and Olympic triathlons, swam Lake Superior, competed in Strongman, powerlifting competitions as well as women’s natural bodybuilding. In 2016 I became a personal trainer. Shortly afterward, I obtained a diploma in nutrition.

My main gig is with a health food company called Miracle Noodle. I am the Social Media Manager and content creator/curator. Spreading the message of hope through healthy living is a passion of mine, and I get to do that every single day through my work. You may notice that I have posted the article I have written for Miracle Noodle here on this site.

On the side, I freelance my skills in social media, photography, recipe development, and videography. Details on that can be found at http://marketablesocialmedia.com.

Also, I am a licensed Cottage Food Baker in the state of Minnesota. I bake sourdough in order to raise money for local non-profits. My website for that is http://www.themotherloaf.com.

On my blog you will read about my journey, which continues today. I will be posting recipes, video content, fitness tips, nutritional information, and my advice of supplementation for training and life.

If you would like to collaborate with me, please message me below.


Wishing you health and happiness always!


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