Drink to This: Cold Steeped Natural Goodness

Warmer temperatures. Get-togethers. Blue skies and sunshine. Minnesota days by the river or the lake. It’s what I have been waiting for. With that comes the season I like to start trying different beverages. The great people at So Zen decided to ask me to try their new alcoholic line of all-natural and gluten-free drinks.Continue reading “Drink to This: Cold Steeped Natural Goodness”

Find Your Purpose: 3 Steps to Self-Recognition

Hello, reader! I’m so happy you decided to read this article. I feel like now that I am about to turn 38, I am finally in the right place, doing what I was always meant to do. Let’s get into it! We all tell ourselves “if I knew what I know today when I wasContinue reading “Find Your Purpose: 3 Steps to Self-Recognition”

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stop Saying “Yes” When You Want to Say “No”

Hello Health Enthusiasts! It’s Teri, once again. I am reporting from the school of Hard Knocks. I think we all have had a semester or two there. In this article, I wanted to address something that makes many of us feel guilty. It’s a word that we never like to hear at the same time.Continue reading “3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Stop Saying “Yes” When You Want to Say “No””

4 Ways to Deal With Healthy Food Haters

Well, “Haters” might be a bit strong, but do I have your attention? Then BINGO! Let’s go! This week I wanted to visit a subject that comes up A LOT for those of us trying to eat healthy all year long. Whether you’re trying to clean up your eating for weight loss, or just tryingContinue reading “4 Ways to Deal With Healthy Food Haters”